Horse Legs

Program Director & Head Trainer

Striving for Greatness

Ruthann Steere has three big passions in life: horses, people, Jesus.

Having loved and worked with horses from a young age, it has always been her desire to encourage others to enjoy them as well. With over fifteen years of experience working with kids and adults; from “at-risk”, to developmentally disabled, to corporate, and families in a variety of areas and programs, Ruthann's broad range of experience makes her a natural teacher. She has a huge desire to see children and people of all ages grow and learn and become all that God has called them to be.

Ruthann's BA is in Equine Management and Recreation (Experiential Education). She uses horses and outdoor recreation as a tool to interact and communicate with kids and adults alike. Because hoof care is of critical importance to the well-being of a horse, she recently pursued and graduated from the Troy Price Horseshoeing School, IN.

Ruthann is a Professional Practitioner ACCT general level 2, working on a variety of different challenge courses, including outdoor guide training in rock climbing, canoeing, caving, group and individual hiking trips. 

Medical experience consists of CPR First Aid infant-adult, AED, Lifeguard, Wilderness First Responder.


Guest Trainer

Aiming Higher in Art and Horsemanship

God gave me horses so I could have something to paint, he gave me art to celebrate my love of the horse. My art and my love for the horse are intertwined, I have a degree in Art and the pursuit of always improving my work is an ongoing passion. I am also very drawn to relationship-based Equestrian training.

I am a rider and trainer of over 15 years studying under well established and highly talented horseman and horsewoman. I do what I do for the horses' sake, addressing issues from a behavioral standpoint. I have a background in Liberty, Dressage and Reining.



Assistant Coach

Bethany lives in the Caledonia area and started riding horses around age 16.

She was involved in both learning and then teaching at a horse ministry during that time. Bethany has been teaching in one way or another ever since then. In addition to being a teacher and counselor at the horse ministry, she has done a lot of work in kids and teen ministries, teaching guitar/ukulele/mandolin lessons, and teaching square dancing to groups of all ages.

Bethany loves sharing those "aha" moments with people when she's teaching and they realize they CAN do it! She also enjoys gardening, playing music, and just about anything outdoors.

During the week she works seasonally as a tax preparer, does home care for the elderly, and has a side hustle selling her jewelry made out of guitar strings.



Substitute Vaulting Coach

Cassie is the founder and director of the Daredevil Circus Company. She is a professional circus performer, aerialist and acrobat. Cassie is also an international artist and instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience. She owns Grand Rapids Circus School of Aerial Arts. She brings a unique approach to teaching through circus training, dance experience and touring as a professional performer.

Cassie is a past vaulter with a competition team in Tennessee. She’s been riding and working with horses her whole life. She grew up on a wild mustang farm where she helped with rescue and training.


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